El uso de antibióticos profilacticos en la cesárea

Una recomendación reciente en el BJOG, establece que seguir la recomendación de colocar el antibiótico profiláctico antes de la incisión de la cesárea, puede afectar la microbiota del recién nacido, con poco beneficio adicional a la madre.

El autor sugiere colocar el antibiótico luego de ligar el cordón umbilical.

Prophylactic antibiotics in caesarean delivery before or after cord clamping – Protecting the mother at the expense of the infant’s microbiota?

PMID 31544335

To prevent postoperative infections after caesarean deliveries, most obstetric guidelines recommend intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis before skin incision as opposed to after cord clamping (1). However, the clinical reality may have changed since this procedure was recommended. In this commentary, we will argue against this recommendation, as we regard the benefits to the mother do not outweigh the potentially detrimental effects on the infant.